Tuesday, January 30, 2007

By Patrick Foster

"An Ebook is So Convenient, It Will Save You Time and Money... Guaranteed"

It eliminate the hassles of handling heavy cookbooks while you're cooking

Has something like this ever happened to you before...

I grabbed one of my new cookbooks to prepare something different. I struggled to keep it open as I followed the step by step directions.

I finally needed both hands free so I placed 2 cans on each side of the book to keep it open. Somewhere along the process, I lost the page and had to find the recipe all over again!

When I was done, the page was stained with grease and tomato paste and the new cookbook didn't look so new anymore!

You won't have all these problems with the Caribbean recipe ebook and here's why:
  • The ebook is stored on your computer and there aren't any bulky or unnecessary pages to handle
  • Simply go to the table of contents to easily find what you want to prepare
  • Since there's over 300 pages, you can use the bookmarks, quick search, or links to quickly find the recipe page
  • Print the recipe you want
  • You're all done!
Doesn't this sound more convenient?

"Do You Expect Fast and Prompt Delivery?"

Get your recipes delivered to you in minutes, not days. That's a guarantee that can't be matched by any delivery company. Right after you the complete the order, you have immediate access to the customer product page. It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 pm or 3:00 am... any time zone!

Avoid paying unnecessary shipping/handling costs. You can quickly start browsing and reviewing the recipes so you can create these awesome delicacies. Doesn't a delivery in minutes sound better than days?

"You Can Carry Volumes of Your Favorite Books Without Breaking a Sweat"

... And They'll Fit Right In the Palm of Your Hands

Ebooks (electronic books) allow you to do just that! They are powerful yet extremely easy to use and they are stored on your computer like software.

Benefits of Caribbean cooking and Caribbean recipe ebook A great way to save space and reduce clutter. Based on the disk space, you can store hundreds of ebooks on your computer and have instant access at your fingertips. No need to buy another book stand to store you're favorite publications.

Caribbean cooking and Caribbean recipe ebook Portable and can easily fit on a cd, laptop, or other storage device. You won't have extra weight holding you back when you're traveling or visiting relatives and friends during the holidays.

Caribbean cooking and Caribbean recipe ebook Environment friendly because no trees were destroyed in the process. You have complete control over the number of pages that are printed!

Note: Patrick Foster is the author of Carribbean Cooking Tips

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