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Five Star Indian Recipes

This is one of the two top-selling Indian Cookbooks at Clickbank. While the other one ( Secrets Of The Indian Restaurant Curry) concentrates on the art of making curries restaurant-style, the “Five Star Indian Recipes” strive to be a comprehensive collection of more than 1000 Indian recipes “under one roof”. And very comprehensive this collection is, indeed! If you buy only ONE Indian cookbook in your life, it should be this one, and you’re done.

The authors do not reveal their names, I wonder why? They certainly do not have to shun the daylight. They describe themselves as “a team of 5-Star Indian chefs trying to build up a unique Source of complete Indian Recipes”, and they surely live up to this claim.

A wide variety of all kinds of food is covered, indcluding

· Chicken Curry, Korma

· Chicken Tikka Masala

· Vindaloo, Tandoori etc

· Naan, Rotis & Breads

· Rice & Biryani

· Veg & Non-Veg Dishes

· Jalfrezi, Reshmi Chicken

· Soups & Rasams

· Spice Blends

· Starters, Snacks, Salads

· Curries and Pickles

· Chutneys and Sides

· Desserts & Beverages

· And Much More!

Also the wide range of regional Indian cooking recipes like Punjabi recipes, Gujarati recipes, Bengali recipes, South Indian recipes, Kerala recipes for Kerala cooking, Tamil cooking recipes, North Indian recipes etc. adds credibility to their thorough knowledge and experience and is proof of the authenticity of the recipes.

The recipes are easy to prepare, written in Easy-To-Follow steps. The Chef's have even included time-saving hints and tips for most of the recipes. You can get the ingredients from any Indian grocery store.

The recipes in this EBOOK make it easy for you to achieve the true taste, in your very own kitchen, of the fastest growing popular cuisine in the world today.

So whether you are new to Indian Cooking or a savvy expert already, you will greatly benefit from this collection.

Be prepared to get drawn into the colourful world of spicy Indian Cooking, and trust you will not get lost, even if it is overwhelming, as India is. The chefs will always be there for your rescue with their thorough, down-to-earth, well-structured advice and expertise.

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Some Cooking Tips

from: Five Star Indian Recipes

How to reduce use oil in puris and pakaras

You can use less oil while frying the puris or pakoras etc, by putting a pinch of salt to it.

How to get Crisp Puris

For getting little crisper puris, add little rice flour along with the wheat flour while kneading the dough.

How to increase the flavor of tea

DO not throw away the skin of cardamom instead put them in the teabox and your tea will start having the flavor of cardamom.

How to get granules of rice after cooking

While cooking rice, add little vinegar or lemon juice to avoid sticking of the rice.

How to make potato taste better

Add little salt while potates are boiling. This way the potatoes tastes much better.

How to keep the Chapatis soft

Keep chapatis soft & fresh by placing a few pieces of ginger in the container.

How to get more from the ladyfinger

Cut bhindi/ladyfinger an hour before frying or stuff to make stuffed okra and refrigerate at least for half an hour before making, to cook it fast and blend the taste well too.

How to peel Garlic faster

Put the garlic flakes in microwave for 15-20 seconds or keep them in water for 5 minutes to easily peel off the skin.

How to check if baking powder is still active

Add 1tsp to 1/3 cup of hot water.If it bubbles rises, then it is till active.

Removing stickiness of lady finger

Add a spoonful of curd to the ladyfinger vegetable while cooking to avoid sticking it to the sides of the pan or a vessel.

How to make pickles last longer

Always store the pickles in glass/ porcelian jars.

How to store wheat grains

Storing the wheat grains for a year needs lot of care.

First keep them spread on a cloth sheet in the hot sun for atleast 2 days so that it becmes insect free.

Then apply boric powder to the grains or put mercury tablets(para) in it and then store in tight-pack boxes.

How to store chopped vegetables

Store chopped vegetables in airtight plastic containers in the fridge to keep from browning and drying up.

Taken from: Five Star Indian Recipes

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Note: Patrick Foster is the author of Carribbean Cooking Tips