Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Five Star Indian Recipes

This is one of the two top-selling Indian Cookbooks at Clickbank. While the other one ( Secrets Of The Indian Restaurant Curry) concentrates on the art of making curries restaurant-style, the “Five Star Indian Recipes” strive to be a comprehensive collection of more than 1000 Indian recipes “under one roof”. And very comprehensive this collection is, indeed! If you buy only ONE Indian cookbook in your life, it should be this one, and you’re done.

The authors do not reveal their names, I wonder why? They certainly do not have to shun the daylight. They describe themselves as “a team of 5-Star Indian chefs trying to build up a unique Source of complete Indian Recipes”, and they surely live up to this claim.

A wide variety of all kinds of food is covered, indcluding

· Chicken Curry, Korma

· Chicken Tikka Masala

· Vindaloo, Tandoori etc

· Naan, Rotis & Breads

· Rice & Biryani

· Veg & Non-Veg Dishes

· Jalfrezi, Reshmi Chicken

· Soups & Rasams

· Spice Blends

· Starters, Snacks, Salads

· Curries and Pickles

· Chutneys and Sides

· Desserts & Beverages

· And Much More!

Also the wide range of regional Indian cooking recipes like Punjabi recipes, Gujarati recipes, Bengali recipes, South Indian recipes, Kerala recipes for Kerala cooking, Tamil cooking recipes, North Indian recipes etc. adds credibility to their thorough knowledge and experience and is proof of the authenticity of the recipes.

The recipes are easy to prepare, written in Easy-To-Follow steps. The Chef's have even included time-saving hints and tips for most of the recipes. You can get the ingredients from any Indian grocery store.

The recipes in this EBOOK make it easy for you to achieve the true taste, in your very own kitchen, of the fastest growing popular cuisine in the world today.

So whether you are new to Indian Cooking or a savvy expert already, you will greatly benefit from this collection.

Be prepared to get drawn into the colourful world of spicy Indian Cooking, and trust you will not get lost, even if it is overwhelming, as India is. The chefs will always be there for your rescue with their thorough, down-to-earth, well-structured advice and expertise.

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