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Ever thought of growing your own vegetables but don't have a garden or not enough space? Try growing your veggies the Hydoponics way!

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil.

It is a more efficient way to provide water and nutrients to your plants. Soil provides nutrients that must be broken down into a useable form and serves to anchor a plant's roots. Hydroponics uses a wet growing medium and a specially prepared nutrient solution which is readily available to the plant.

In soil, plants must grow a large root system to find food and water. In Hydroponics, food and water go directly to the roots. This enables the plant to spend more energy growing above the surface, producing more vegetation, larger fruit, flowers and vegetables.

Because Hydroponic root systems are compact in size, plants may be grown closer together. Add to this the fact that there is no weeding, fewer pests and lower water requirements. It is easy to see why home hobbiests, schools and research institutes, as well as commercial growers around the world use Hydroponics.

Hydroponic gardens can be used anywhere as long as sufficient light is provided with ample ventilation. Outdoors, much of the work associated with conventional gardening can be eliminated. Add the proper growing lights and you need not be limited to seasons.

Hydroponic systems range from shelf size, room size, or big enough to fill an entire greenhouse. Every system can be purchased as a complete ready to grow kit, or in basic, bare bones kits.

With a little experience you can enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers year-round!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hydroponics support organic gardening?
People are finding that with a little experimentation, they can grow a successful organic, hydroponic garden. Typical organic products used for hydroponic gardening include bat and seabird guanos, liquified seaweed products, fish based fertilizers and enzyme activators.

What types of plants can be grown hydroponically?
Anything can be grown hydroponically, but some plants prove to be more space efficient. Some plants we suggest are tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot chilies, lettuce, spinach, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, beans, snow peas, herbs and flowers of all types.

Do you really get better yields in less time?
Absolutely. The plants, receiving everything they need, tend to be healthier, faster growing and generally more productive. Expect 30% faster growth with many crops.

Will the flavor compare to my outdoor grown, organic produce?
You bet! This is simply due to the fact that the hydroponically grown plants are getting everything they need, when they need it. Don’t be fooled by “hot house” produce grown commercially. The grower’s primary concern is shipability and storage, not flavor. When you grow your own vegetables at home, you can expect nothing less than excellent results. Plus, hydroponically grown produce has the added benefit of a longer shelf life.

Will I be using any pesticides? If so, what kind?
Generally, indoor environments demand less pesticides for obvious reasons. Hydroponic growing eliminates soil borne pests, as well. However, if pests do become a problem, one can choose to use insecticide soaps, natural pyrethrums and, in some cases, beneficial insects. These controls will be completely safe to use on edible crops and are also environmentally safe.

To sum up:


Hydroponic gardening is efficient. You get a higher yield while using fewer resources.

Hydroponic gardening is flexible. You can grow plants without a yard. With a grow light, you can cultivate winning produce in a garage.

Hydroponic gardening is simple. Once you know the basics, you can do wonders!

Hydroponic gardening is affordable. You don't have to spend a fortune to get involved.

Hydroponic gardening is fun. There's something wonderful about finally being the person with a bright green thumb.


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