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Heidrun Peters


- A Philosophical Outlook On Being a Raw Fooder

The older I get the simpler and more unified life looks to me.

We're all creatures of energy. Everything in our lives, everything around us, everything we experience consists of energy.

To start with, we're made up of energy. Every proton, electron and neutron in our universe - including those that make up our bodies - is made up of three quarks. Quarks are, simply put, just energy. In the microcosmic analysis of it, all we are is a bundle of energy forms.

It's obvious to us that people and animals also have a life energy - something different than molecular energy. The cells of a dead animal don't stop existing, they change (decay, rot), but the life force energy of the animal is gone.

What about plants? In the past two decades scientists have measured the life energy of plants, and define it as biophotonic energy. It's a separate thing from molecular energy and explains how plants can respond to music, voices and love. So plants have a life force energy, just as animals do.

When we interact with others we gain emotional energy. When we interact with love and affection our positive energy is returned to us, increased. But even when we interact with hate, disgust or animosity, our ego gains energy. Negative energy, true, but the ego doesn't care - energy is energy and the ego wants to be fed.

The same is true of our physical bodies. Our bodies gain energy from almost anything that we put in them. Obviously there are side effects to the Standard American Diet (SAD) - obesity, cancer, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and all the others. But despite the damage such a diet is doing, people continue to eat it because it tastes good, just as they'll argue or fight instead of walking away.

So consider this: If our egos will fight instead of walk away, and if our bodies will consume known toxins, what are we doing to our biophotonic (life force) energy in the process? Another thought: can these effects on our biophotonic energy be considered karma?

Here's the way I think of it: When I kill or cook my food I destroy the biophotonic energy, the life-force energy of the food. When I eat raw living foods the life force energy of the food becomes a part of me.

When Dr. Ann Wigmore taught that we should "listen to our bodies, because they will tell us what we need," she was referring to what our bodies truly need, not what we've trained them to want.

That's where Dr. Ann's detoxification, cleansing and lifestyle come it. By following her regime we clean ourselves up enough to be able to listen to what our bodies need, not want.

Dr. Jim Carey

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Heidrun Peters

"You are what you eat" IS "the law of attraction." - Mike Grefner

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