Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats

Would you have thought uncooked snacks and desserts made from raw healthy ingredients could look and taste fantastic? Well, they can!

Read what Carolyn Hansen – Author, Nutrition Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder – has to say about this:

“I was born in New Zealand (which, by the way is a beautiful country that you should take the opportunity to visit if you ever get the chance) and I still live there today, in Whangarei, the northern-most city in the country.

Currently I operate a pair of fitness centers located in the heart of Whangarei city, and I spend a great deal of my time consulting with people in my gyms, and learning about the problems they face trying to stay in shape and maintain the right kind of diet – which, I will admit, always takes a certain element of willpower. Over the years I have learned that the best way to control your calorie intake, and ensure that you are not ruining your health because of poor nutrition is to pay close attention to the kinds of things you tempt yourself with. Why use unhealthy butter, sugar, and processed flour to prepare the foods you eat when you can use equally delicious substitutes that confer none of the ills that the refined foods do?”

If you want to try those “substitutes” get Carolyn Hansen’s FREE Ebook – and enjoy!

No sugar, flour, or butter to be found in these recipes - just raw healthy foods that Hansen likes to call living. No cooking either, which makes preparation a snap. All a mom needs be proficient within the kitchen to keep her kids satisfied is a blender.

PS. I personally love those “Snacks” very much – and I could live on them day in day out! Currently my favourites are the “Coconut Orange Chocolate Squares”.

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